Overview of yeast in beer brewing

With all of the attention that is often given to grain and hops in homebrewing, the important part played by yeast in beer brewing is often overlooked. When we really think about it though, yeast actually plays the most significant part in the process. The yeast takes the sugar within the wort and converts it […]

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late extract addition

Late Extract Addition Brewing

Homebrewing with the use of a late extract addition is becoming an increasingly popular technique. This is because the process has been found to produce greater control over the color of the final beer and improved hops utilization. The end result is a potentially lighter beer without the unwanted flavors that can come from scorching […]

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cold crashing

Cold Crashing your homebrew

What is cold crashing? Cold crashing is the process of rapidly reducing the temperature of fermenting beer in order to produce a clearer final product. By reducing the temperature of the beer particles such as yeast, hops and other proteins clump together (flocculate) and fall to the bottom of the fermenter as sediment. How to […]

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Recipe – Ship Shape Pale Ale

This is one of my own recipes and one that I actually quite proud of. I love drinking this simple but hoppy American style pale ale and have had a great reaction from everyone that has tried it. As the recipe is an ‘extract with specialty grain’ type, I would recommend this for anyone that […]

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