• Are you looking for great tasting home brew recipes with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions?
  • Have you found that many homebrew recipes are either missing information or just produce boring tasteless beer?
  • What if there was a set of tested recipes that focus on great flavor but were all specifically created to be time and cost effective?
  • What if they came complete with easy to follow step by step instructions? So simple that even a beginner to home brewing could easily follow them?
  • What if these recipes were so good, that it your friends and family all loved them and your biggest problem was still having enough left for yourself?

Introducing my new eBook: Your Homebrew Recipes - Awesome American Ales

  • If you are a fan of great tasting American ales this book has been written just for you. Inside are over 30 hand crafted recipes.
  • Featuring a wide range of American Pale Ale and American Amber Ale recipes - I guarantee that you will love the range of classic and modern recipes.
  • All recipes are arranged in a simple to follow, step-by-step layout that breaks down each step so that even a homebrewing beginner can confidently brew these awesome beers.
  • The recipes have all been constructed for flavor, efficiency and consistency.
  • Each recipe contains carefully chosen specialty grains, hops and yeast selections to create an awesome beer every time
  • With a range of extract and partial mash recipes, you are even likely to pick up a few new skills and techniques.
  • If you are a lover of Pale Ales or Amber Ales, there are enough recipes in this book to keep you brewing for over a year!
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Obviously I think the content is great, but here is some feedback from others that have also loved it:

"The recipes are simple and clear which really takes the stress out of brew day. There is nothing worse than trying to work out what to do next while water is boiling over and a timer is beeping!" - John K., Sydney Australia

"The recipes are for interesting and complex beers, but the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. My favorite part was the explanation of "late extract addition", which I didn't fully understand before." - Matthew C., Green Bay WI

"With this book I finally took my home brewing skills past the premixed-concentrates-and-water stage! I did the Easy American Amber first and was very pleased with the results. I now have a batch of the Little River Amber brewing and would like to try something more exotic next - maybe the honey recipe. This book would be great for homebrew newbies - highly recommended!" - Samuel M., Portland ME

"This book was a great introduction to the world of beer creation for those that don't have the space or time for all grain brewing. Not only did it have some novel techniques to make some really popular beer styles, but it provides much needed clarification on controversial brewing techniques" - Konrad M., NSW Australia

Features and Benefits

  • A wide range of recipes so you can keep brewing through both warm and cold months.
  • Detailed instructions that are so simple even a brand new homebrewer can follow them.
  • Over 30 awesome recipes. Tried and tested recipes so you can be confident that each one will be great.
  • Measurements included in both US customary and metric amounts so you don't need to worry about converting them.
  • A variety of malty and hoppy recipes that will definitely contain something for any ale lover.
  • Includes a no questions asked, 60 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied that you have received twice as much value as the purchase price, let me know and I will refund without any questions.
  • With ingredients carefully selected for each recipe, this book makes for an easy transition to brewing with grains and hops!.


As a special bonus, the following are included absolutely free

  • Access to our handy printable US Customary to Metric measurement conversion charts. Although all of the recipes in the Awesome American Ales eBook include both measurements, this is uncommon. (Value $15)
  • Also included is my favorite recipe for a classic 'California Common Beer'. This unique style originating on the US West Coast uses a lager yeast at warmer ale temperatures. (Value $5)


I am so happy with the awesome recipes within this book and the value that I feel that it will add to you that I am offering a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% refund.If you feel at any time that this eBook hasn't lived up to your expectations, please contact me for a full refund.

Honestly, I am really excited to share these with you. I am so proud and confident that you will love this book that I offer this guarantee without any hesitation.All you need to do is click the button below and start enjoying these awesome American Ales today.

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If you still have any questions about the recipes or anything else in the eBook, please don't hesitate to get in contact with
me at mail@yourhomebrew.com