Recipe – Ship Shape Pale Ale

This is one of my own recipes and one that I actually quite proud of. I love drinking this simple but hoppy American style pale ale and have had a great reaction from everyone that has tried it.

As the recipe is an ‘extract with specialty grain’ type, I would recommend this for anyone that has put a few brews down already and has mastered the basics of sanitization and time management.

I truly hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.




Name:                                  Ship Shape Pale Ale

Beer Style:                           American Pale Ale

Recipe Type:                       Extract with Specialty Grain

Batch Size:                            23 Litres / 6 Gallons

Original Gravity (OG):       1.047

Final Gravity (FG):              1.011

Alcohol by Volume:           4.9%

Bitterness:                            43.8 IBU



3Kg (6.6Lb) Briess CBW Golden Light (Base Malt Extract)

300g (10.6oz) Light Dry Malt (Dry Malt Extract)

300g (10.6 oz) Medium Crystal 120 (Grain – Cracked)

45g (1.6oz) Citra (Hops)

35g (1.25oz) Nelson Sauvin (Hops)

1 Packet Safale US05 (Ale yeast)


Brew Instructions

Bring about 3 litres/quarts of water to 65°-70°C (150°-160°F) and steep your cracked grain for 30 minutes. It is important that the water doesn’t get much above this temperature as it may result in unwanted flavors being released.
Towards the end of this time bring another large pot to the same temperature with the same amount (3l/qt) of water. When the 30 minute steeping timer is up, gently rinse (sparge) your grain into the second pot of water by submersing them and allowing the water to drain out a couple of times.

Add the liquid from your first pot into the larger one and top up to 11litres/3gallons. Add half of your malt extract and bring to the boil.

Once boiling, add hops for the following amount of time:

15g/0.5oz Citra – 45mins

10g/0.35oz Nelson Sauvin – 45mins

10g/0.35oz Citra – 15mins

15g/0.5oz Nelson Sauvin – 15mins

10g/0.35oz Citra – 0mins (at flameout)

With about 5 minutes of your boil remaining, add in the remaining malt extract (dry and liquid) and stir gently to assist with dissolving.

Once the 45 minute boil has finished. You should leave your wort to rest for about 10 minutes to allow your malt extract to pasteurize.

Add about 12 litres/3 gallons to your fermenter and shake vigorously. It should be obvious that the lid should be on your fermenter at this point – if not, apologies for the mess.

Slowly and gently strain the wort from your pot into the fermenter and stir gently. Top up with water to 23 litres/ 6 gallons and place your fermenter in a large bucket or tub of water to cool the wort.
You could attempt to cool the wort before it is added to the fermenter however it is likely to cool faster with the rest of the water in the fermenter due to the greater surface area.

Once the wort has cooled to below 22°C/70°F, gently swirl the top of your wort and pitch your yeast.


If you are interested in brewing this without the use of the crystal malt, you could substitute one of the tins of liquid malt extract for a darker variety. This would likely end up impacting on the body of the final beer but may make the process slightly easier if you are not yet ready to try brewing with grains.

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